National Health Care Supply Chain Week 2020

Every October, AHRMM sponsors National Health Care Supply Chain Week to recognize and honor honoring health care supply chain professionals for their outstanding contributions to health care and the overall success of the supply chain.

Through National Health Care Supply Chain Week, AHRMM provides an opportunity to recognize and celebrate hard-working health care supply chain professionals for their selfless dedication to high-quality patient care and exceptional contributions to their health care organizations and communities.

This year, National Health Care Supply Chain Week is October 4-10, 2020 with the theme: Health Care Supply Chain Heroes.

With the outbreak of COVID-19, the health care supply chain was called upon more than ever to source the personal protective equipment and supplies needed to armor those on the front lines of patient care battling the pandemic. Health care professionals are the unsung heroes behind the scrubs, tirelessly fighting the coronavirus alongside physicians, nurses, service line leaders and other health care workers.

In recognition of the hard work and dedication of supply chain professionals who support every area of health care organization, not just during the public health crisis but every day, the AHRMM proudly celebrates SC Week.

The Importance of a Clinically Integrated Supply Chain

A clinically integrated supply chain utilizes data in an expansive way. In addition to using it to make product decisions, they look to data to determine trends and hone in on areas where there is waste and inefficiency in the supply chain that will ultimately impact the patient experience. Join AHRMM today to Learn More.

A few ways you can honor your staff in celebration of Supply Chain Week

    • Honor your Supply Chain Director with an electronic card or just say Thank You.
    • Pay for your staff to obtain the Certified Materials & Resource Professional certification.
    • Reward your staff with AHRMM membership.
    • Put up your agenda for the week that lists the special virtual events you have planned for your department and invite other departments to the celebrations.
    • Invite staff to virtual lunch pizza party and send them electronic gift cards to order food.
    • Create a virtual Supply Chain Trivia Game. Involve your staff and create questions and answers about work your department does, everyday activities, words associated with supply chain.
    • Create a virtual Scavenger Hunt involving words associated with supply chain and each day select a winner who will receive a prize.
    • Have a virtual Supply Chain Olympics Games: Each day offer a different fun program.
    • Put up a table in the lobby or other designated public area in your facility showcasing pictures of all staff members and the activities they do.
    • Send an individual, electronic Thank You card to each supply chain professional.